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i delve deep into the profound and extraordinary influence of design on our society, as well as on every one of us.          

          i find great joy in exploring and pushing the boundaries of creativity.
let’s play! ︎

︎ Janice Lee is a graphic designer based in Seoul/Providence. She is currently pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design at Rhode Island School of Design. With a primary focus on branding, editorial design, type design, and UI design, she actively explores the expansive domain of multifaceted design, continuously engaging in experimentation and innovation.

Featured Work          

Fake News is Acid Trip

This project delves into the metaphorical communication of design through visual form, with my focus on the metaphor “Fake News is Acid Trip.” This metaphor captures the parallel between falling into the realm of fake news and the disorienting experience of an acid trip. With an intention to convey the overlapping and overwhelming nature of information, I constructed a newspaper made entirely of transparent acetate, layering each page to give a sense of depth and perplexity. 

“ARted” is an innovative art education app that combines AR with interactive experiences to engage students and educators during the pandemic. By providing virtual trips and immersive learning features, it encourages curiousity, critical thinking, and creativity. The app aims to revolutionize educational settings and foster student engagement and visualization in the field of art.

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