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Beginning With Uniqueness : Merch Design 

Client: Simone Handbag Museum

Date: 2020. 11. 16 – 2020. 12. 01        
Location: Seoul, South Korea

Simone Handbag Museum houses over 300 vintage and historical bags, dating back to 1550. For this project, they aimed to take inspiration from the vintage bags collection and create a contemporary line of products that would appeal to today’s customers.
I wanted to pay homage to the vintage bags on display while also creating something that would be relevant to today’s trends. I decided to focus on common items that people use daily, such as stationeries, tote bags, and accessories. I played around with textures and unexpected arrangements of design elements to create a modern twist on classic styles. The result was a line of merchandises, including a phonecase, cardholder, notebook, pen, umbrella and a tote bag, that is both eye-catching and practical. 

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