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Summer Typography Film!: Hamlet

Date: 2023.08.23 – 2023.08.27
Location: Seoul, South Korea
DESIGN CAMP sponsored by @notefolio & @d.s.academia
Credits: LIFT-OFF, 구소진, 권지현, 금예은, 김다은, 박상미, 박예은, 배유진, 신선이, 양소희, 양유정, 이수빈, 이진, 이지은, 정유진, 허희향
Authorship: William Shakespeare

This project is a silent typography film that draws its inspiration from Shakespeare’s iconic masterpiece, “Hamlet.” Our primary objective was to delve deeply into the nuanced role that typography can play within the cinematic medium, disregarding all conventional visual elements typically associated with filmmaking, often referred to as "mise-en-scène." We pusposefully excluded the inclusion of actors, elaborate costumes, scenic backdrops, sounds, and the physical staging of any dramatic action. Instead, we opted to focus exclusively on a carefully selected fragment of lines and narrations from the original text, weaving them intricately into the fabric of the film through the expressive medium of typography.


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